A Registered New Mexico Cultural Property, and on the National Registry of Historic Places, The National Park Service, in their publication "The Cattleman's Empire" described the million acre L & C as "Overshadowing all other ranching operations in the Southwest", and “The L.C. remains as one of the last surviving Great Ranch Houses of the Old West”.

                                 or, even better, Stay at the Legendary Lyons & Campbell Ranch Headquarters

Take a guided tour ,

You can visit the L.C. on Saturday afternoons, by appointment, for a $10, one hour guided tour, February thru November, $5 for students, or, better yet,

"Inn at the L.C. "

 Stay a few days, or a week, in the well appointed "Gate House", and experience the Historic Lyons & Campbell Ranch Headquarters first hand . This is not a "dude" or working ranch, but an Historic glimpse into the legendary million acre cattle empire. Take a private tour of the Main House where Cattle Baron Tom Lyons and wife Ida Campbell lived their lavish lives, then relax in the pool, the Historic old saloon, or enjoy the art and music filled Gallery. As a friend describes "It's like a ride on a very nice old train". 
        If you would like to book the Gate House for a stay at the L.C. Ranch, here is the link to our Airbnb site.
Portal of the Main House is 187 feet long, just a few short of the Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe...

(We will be adding 2 more accommodations in 2017, the 2 bdrm, 2 bath "Club House" and the very romantic Hacienda Suite, which dates back to the earliest days of the ranch, circa 1792.)
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  1. Still Making History
    The Lyons and Campbell Ranch Headquarters is a 60 room, 8 acre, Adobe compound that today includes a 27 room Main House, Saloon, Jail, Wedding Chapel, Theatre, Gallery, Bunkhouse, Bath house with large wood-fired communal Hot Tub, Swimming Pool and Lanai with wood burning brick pizza oven and BBQ. The cattle, cowboys and million acres are long gone. Cattle Baron Tom Lyons was murdered in El Paso in 1917. An Englishman, Tom Lyons' feudal empire collapsed shortly after his demise. His 27 room adobe mansion, lavishly refurnished, remains along with all the outbuildings of the L C Ranch Headquarters. A 501(c)3, your stay will help fund ongoing restoration projects. Donations are tax-deductible

Tom Lyons
The Cattleman's Empire"

A Beautiful Bride, Walking down the aisle, in the Saloon

The Lyons Legacy

Tom Lyons and Angus Campbell built an Empire, but Angus Campbell died in 1892, and Tom Lyons wife ran off after Tom shot and killed her lover.  Her lover shot first, and Tom was never charged....This truly was the wild west!   So the widowed Ida Campbell and the estranged Tom Lyons kept the business together, married, and had a very successful marriage, and a very successful cattle empire until... Tom was murdered in 1917 by a hired assassin, Felix Jones, presumably hired by one of the homesteaders against whom Tom had pressed charges for Horse theiving, for which he had spent several years in prison.  

The National Park Service published "The Cattleman's Empire" in the late 1960's in order to document the history of ranching, especially ranching on a grand scale, that occured in the post Civil war era. There were just a few ranches in all of America that achieved the level of size and importance of the L.C. The King Ranch in Texas still survives, and is probably the most famous, but it's original ranch house burned down, and what is there now was built in the 1930's.  The XIT in the pan handle of Texas was the largest, at 3 million acres, but nothing survives today. The L.C. is unique in that it is the only surviving great ranch house of the period left in the U.S.  Unlike most historic buildings and historic sites in America, it is not just an empty historic building, there is also a collection of period Art and Antiques which lavishly decorates the Ranch, courtesy of the Ocheltree Family, which has spent the last 55 years and 4 generations working on the L.C. with the goal of restoring the Lyons and Campbell Ranch Headquarters "to its former grandeur", and still working towards that goal. 
There are several very good books telling the story of Tom Lyons.  Most recent and certainly the most fascinating is
Jerry Lobdill's   The Last Train To El Paso   which focuses on Tom's murder and the trial of his hired assassin,  Felix Jones.
   TRIUMPH and TRAGEDY  was written by Tom's step-grandaughters, and is an invaluable resource,
impeccibly researched, with lots of historic pictures. 
  Recollections of a Western Ranchman is a rather impartial account of life in the Gila by Captain William French,
a retired army officer with frequent references to Tom Lyons and the L.C.


  1. The Historic Saloon, Post Office, Frontier Room and Jail
  2. Tom Lyons, Cattle Baron
  3. The Gallery is an art and music filled room built for fun.
  4. Stage set for the Bucaneer's Ball, in the Theater
  5. The GOLD ROOM, in the Main House.
  6. Tom Lyons' Den, the original "man cave"
  7. The Jail.  Part of the original spanish hacienda dating from 1792.
  8. The Frontier room, next to the Saloon, displays early maps.

The "Gate House" has been a favorite layover for 125 years...

The "Gate House" is a newly renovated, well appointed accommodation perfect for a couple, or couple "plus one", (if they are willing to sleep on the couch).  King Size four-post bed, Air conditioned, full kitchen, Satellite TV, private marble bathroom with Jacuzzi. (Two more accomodations will be ready next year.) Once you're settled in, time to check out the Ranch.

Welcome to our Neighborhood

Although the LC is a destination in itself, the surrounding area includes 3 million acres of National Forest including the million acre Gila Wilderness and the Mogollon Mountains with 11,000 foot peaks. The area  has lots to offer from hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, river rafting and bird watching to off-road adventures in the nearby Burro mountains and scenic on-road driving adventures, with very little traffic, suitable for family outings or spirited forays through picturesque landscapes in your sports car or motorcycle. The GILA is a beautiful river valley at the base of the Mogollon Mountains and the Gila Wilderness. A true Oasis in the desert Southwest. It is remote and secluded, with 5 seasons, including the delightful late summer monsoons. There is a post office, public library, medical clinic and 3 churches. And 3 miles away in the nearby village of CLIFF there is a gas station with a few very basic groceries, and a New Restaurant has just opened, the "Homestead Cafe", open 8 am till 6 pm Wed-Sunday.  The only review so far is that it is "new". There are NO GROCERY or LIQUOR STORES HERE!! You will need to do your shopping in Silver City, 30 miles before you get here. Wal-Mart and Albertson's, right on U.S. 180 in Silver City, are your best bets. Your apartment has its own BBQ, or you can use the one at the pool. Your cell phone probably won't work either. If you have Verizon, and stand down by the jail, on one foot, and jump up and down, wave your arm, you might get a signal.....I am not joking, well, maybe a little...