Weddings at the L.C.

From our tiny wedding chapel, to the Historic Saloon, to the Theater and Gallery, or under a spacious tent on one of our green expansive lawns,,,we have your  Ultimate Romantic Wedding Venue covered.  We have done a lot of weddings out here on the L.C. It's just simply a great spot to tie the knot.  If you've got something special in mind, we'll work with you to make it happen.  We've done Western weddings, Pirate weddings, Saloon weddings, even traditional weddings. 

Make your Event truly special, Have it at the L.C. Ranch!

         Whether your special event is for business or pleasure, make it truly special by hosting it at the L.C. Ranch.  Big or small, we can handle groups up to 150 people.  Imagine having your business meeting in the Old West Saloon, or that class reunion in the Theatre and Gallery. Think of the possibilities, think of the FUN! 
Wedding Basics, Venues and fees. Things you need to know....

Chapel; 400 sq. ft. Up to 25 people seated, or 40 people standing. $15 per person, ($250 min.)
Adjacent to Bodega and Gallery, or Lanai and Pool for small reception.

Saloon & Frontier room; 1,400 sq. ft. Up to 80+ people, $20 per person ($1,000 min.)
Large white tent 20'x 40' can be set up just outside on the lawn for over 50 guests if dining.

Theater; 3,500 sq. ft. Up to 150 people, $30 per person, ($2,500 min.) plus accommodations.
Includes Bodega, Gallery. If over 100 guests are dining, a large white tent 20'x40' can be set up just outside on the lawn.

Outdoors, 20'x40' Tent on the lawn, by the pool and Lanai; up to 50 people, $20/person ($1,000 min) Just the thing if BBQ, horse shoes and red solo cups are more to your liking. And the Bathhouse and Hot tub are right around the corner.

        Head count includes guests, wedding party, planner and photographer
        Head count includes total number of guests, whether attending wedding, reception, or both.
        You may decorate the day prior to the wedding and the day of the wedding.
        Large weddings and special theme weddings in the Theater will require additional time for decorations and set-up.
        Collect your decorations within two days.
        You may bring your own cake(s) n/c
        You may bring your own minister, n/c
        Special decorations may be added, but all existing décor remains.
       You may NOT take down or remove any existing decorations without special permission.

What's NOT included...
In-house non-denominational officiate, $100 Chapel, $150 Saloon, $200 Theater
BYOB, soft drinks, mixers, ice.
Catering, and clean-up.
Theater/Gallery wedding receptions may require a Temporary Liquor Permit.
Wedding planner, (We recommend Ward Rudick)
Florist, talk to Ward..
Suites for the Bride and wedding party to change and get ready. Theater weddings will require blocking out the entire ranch for the night, so these suites will be available for changing and overnight stay.
Band or D.J. (P.A. System is included in Saloon and Theater/Gallery)
Tables, linens.
(We have some tables, 140 chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery, serving equipment, chafers, carving station, salad bar with sneeze guard, and space for your caterer to prepare, serve and clean up)
Clean-up fee is negotiable

The Frontier room connects to the Saloon, and makes an excellent wedding venue 
The Wedding Chapel with its new front windows drawn in. Rennovations will be completed soon. 

Helpful Tips for Wedding planning.

Helpful tip #1: Start with your guest list and your budget. Large weddings are a lot of work and a lot of money. A wedding at the L.C. Is a fraction of the price of a wedding back east or in California, but you can still figure on $100 per guest for a large wedding. So choose your guests wisely. Don't invite people just because you know them, invite them because they matter to you.

Helpful tip #2: Always put the Bride in charge of the music, whether picking the band, giving the D.J. a playlist or just making her own playlist. It's her day, no one can argue with her choices, and she will know the guests and their tastes best.

Helpful tip #3: Put the Groom in charge of the booze. His friends will drink the most, but remind him to remember the ladies and the older guests.

Helpful tip #4: Choose your wedding party wisely. You are going to need a lot of help with this wedding, especially if it is big. You dearest friends may live far away. They may be able to attend the wedding, but can they help?

Helpful tip #5 Our wedding chapel is all set up, and designed for quick and easy weddings without a lot of fuss, but still giving you a quality and memorable experience in an authentic southwest setting. If you want a bigger wedding, make sure to have a wedding planner. Big weddings are a lot of pressure, with a lot of expectations. It's an amateur event, with professional expectations, so hire a professional. Ward Rudick is our recommendation.

Helpful tip #6 Try to balance your guest list evenly between the number of groom's guests and bride's guests.

Helpful tip #7 Don't forget “save the date” early invitations, it will help your turnout.

Helpful tip #8 Be sure to include R.S.V.P. on your invitations, you want to know who's coming.